Lady of the Lake Demo (v 0.97)

The game was updated:

  1. Skill trees -- There were multiple problems fixed with the skill trees. The werewolf skill tree had a serious problem. Some of the skill descriptions have also been improved. A couple costs were also updated.
  2. There's a new Game Over screen.
  3. BP healing -- BP healing should now show similar to HP/MP healing. The numbers and sound effect shown from HP/MP healing is the default used by RPG Maker MV. I got BP healing to work by using action sequences and animations. It should still look very similar.
  4. There's now smaller text boxes.
  5. Mouse cursor issue -- There was a potentially confusing situation where you could only target an ally to attack because the mouse cursor was touching an ally. I think that is now fixed.

Game Over screen

Smaller text box

The alignment of the text was off because the screen resolution was changed from the default. The text box is now the size of the default, and it looks better not being stretched across the whole screen.

Mouse cursor issue

It looks like the mouse cursor problem is from a default setting in Yanfly's Battle Engine Core. It is a bigger problem when using it with Selection Control.


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43 days ago

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