Lady of the Lake Demo (v 0.94)

The Lady of the Lake RPG was greatly updated and tested. Some of the main updates are the following:

  1. White rabbit -- The rabbit enemy was added.
  2. Enemy AI -- The AI for several enemies was improved. I did not fully understand how the rating worked for enemy skills. (More info).
  3. Optimal equip -- The "optimal" command for equipping items was greatly improved.  We are now using the Equip Optimize Grade plugin by AphoticAmaranth. The default command was very poorly developed, and might equip a weak scroll or accessory over a strong one.
  4. Row update -- If all allies are in the back row, they will be moved to the front row at the end of the round during combat.
  5. Max MP updates -- Fighters, such as Warriors, Guardians, and Giant Rats, now get higher max MP at higher levels. A Warrior skill could be learned early on that required more MP than a Warrior could even get until being a very high level. Priest robes and some rings can also increase max MP.


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45 days ago

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